If you already have a boat

and want to know how you can enjoy the boating benefits of 6-Mile, here's everything you need to know!

Put in for the day/Ramps:

Here are a list of ramps where you can put in. Most have fees, and cost approximately $10 per boat, sometimes less for personal watercarft like Sea-Doos and JetSkis.

The following Marinas have ramps where you can put your boat in:


Don't own a boat?

No problem! Enjoy the boating life by simply visiting a Marina. Getting to know the boaters that hang out there is easy - boaters are almost always in a good mood! Anyone who works at the Marina can help you, and if you tell them you're interested in boating, they'll be more than helpful to explain what's what and who's who. Enjoy a cold drink at the bar, or a hot meal at their restaurant, and before you know it, you'll be walking the walk and talking the talk! Also, don't be surprised if someone invites you out on their personal boat, the 6-Mile boaters are a friendly lot! You'll discover that boating isn't just about the water vessels alone, it's also a lifestyle!


Some places we recommend for those who don't own a boat, but would like to discover the ambience and fun of the boating life: