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901 South Hwy 79, Clarksville, 63336, MO

T 573-242-3838

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High upon the rolling hills that hem the Mississippi lie the peaceful gardens of Overlook Farm. Originally home to sprawling apple orchards, this refined country farmstead once supplied its harvest to the White House. Today, it supplies discerning guests with a quiet respite from the clamor of modern-day life.

Overlook Farm is home to Cedarcrest Manor – the oldest inn in the state of Missouri – and Rackheath House – an 1860’s estate that has been lovingly restored in the style of a Greek revival manor. In addition to the inns, Overlook Farm also houses a flourishing sustainable farmstead, an outdoor restaurant, and a number of venues for private parties and special events.

At the Courtyard guests can enjoy a freshly prepared meal courtesy of our Overlook kitchen staff. Ingredients for all our seasonally inspired dishes are grown directly on the farm or sourced from local farmers, offering guests an unprecedented farm-to-table experience. Additionally, a number of dining areas are available, giving a variety of culinary atmospheres for each and every guest.

The land on which the farm rests spans 327 acres and is owned by Proprietor, Nathalie Pettus. Originally a gift to her great-great-great grandfather from the king of Spain, the land once boasted a number of agrarian attractions – including a thriving apple orchard, burgeoning gardens and extraordinarily scenic views. Nathalie has lovingly coaxed the land back to its original historic state, and today its luxurious inns, stunning countryside, and bountiful gardens serve as a reminder of the heritage of the region, and a tribute to times past.

What is Overlook Farm?

Formally speaking, Overlook Farm is comprised of 327 acres of land, the Courtyard at Overlook Farm, on South Highway 79, two historic inns, and a variety of event spaces to host any special occasion. But when you look beyond that, we are so much more. Overlook Farm strongly believes in returning to the earth and supporting sustainable practices, from the harvesting of vegetables to the raising of livestock. On our 327 acres rests many jewels: berry and vegetable gardens, orchards, and tilapia beds, just to name a few. All of these assets help to support the kitchen of the Courtyard at Overlook Farm, providing our customers with farm-fresh meals and cocktails. Though Overlook Farm is a many-faceted entity, all of its parts work together towards common goals: beauty, relaxation, and fine country-living.
Where is Overlook Farm?

Overlook Farm is located in historic Clarksville, Missouri, a little more than a scenic hour-long drive from Saint Louis, and within a very short walk of the Mighty Mississippi River.

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